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Under Eye Light Filler

Under-eye light filling injection increases the need for hydration in the lower layers of the skin tissues. It also enhances skin color, elasticity, firmness and smoothness. Detention problems can also make you look older and tired than fatigue at a young age. The difference in tone between the under-eye and cheeks can be eliminated with the under-eye light filling. The dimples formed under custody can be aligned with the cheeks. Thus, an escalation for detention can be provided. How does the light filling work? With the filling of the light, the pits in custody are raised and the light is reflected better. Apart from that, it provides moisturizing, tissue renewal and flexibility thanks to its content. This special mixture is evenly injected under the eye with the help of an injection, without causing pain or pain during application. After the injection, the skin rises and the purple appearance disappears. With the under-eye light filling process, the detention area is rejuvenated in a two-step process. First, under the influence of hyaluronic acid, the subcutaneous layer is strengthened and the pits are filled. In this way, dark circles and under-eye bags are eliminated. In the second stage, long-term cellular regeneration is provided with poly vitamins and amino acid contents. Things to be careful about after light filling Small rashes may occur at the injection points after the application. This rash disappears spontaneously within approximately 3-4 hours. The injected areas should not be rubbed during this period. No cream or cosmetic products should be applied to the face after the application. Your skin usually returns to normal after 4 hours. You can even make up if you want.
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