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Manual implantation

Manual process guarantees optimum results

With the many offers on the net, you can quickly lose track of things and mistakenly conclude that the most convenient method could be the best. However, this is not the case. With the manual method, the method we use, the grafts are implanted by hand into small prepared sections. These incisions are made with a special scalpel at a pre-defined angle to make the implantation discreet and natural.

The insertion of each individual graft is done by hand. It allows – in contrast to the implantation by pen – a precise natural alignment, a considerable advantage when combing the hairstyle later, since the direction of growth of the remaining hair is taken into account. This is not possible with the DHI method, for example, because the desired direction cannot be influenced in this way. This fact makes your hair look much more natural, almost as if you had never had anything done. That’s why the manual method is a bit more cumbersome but ensures the best results.

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