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Hand Aesthetics

One of the first places where aging will see is the hands. Sometimes it attracts more attention than the symptoms on the face. Because the skin in the upper layers of the hand is much thinner than the facial skin. There is very little used oil in the layer. Collagen and elastic fiber destruction caused by aging has a remarkable aging effect on the hand. The result is wrinkled, wrinkled, prominent skin of the veins. Brown spots make the old feel more. Degenerative diseases, especially hand injuries and congenital diseases are treated in hand surgeries. The main purpose of hand surgeries is to give importance to aesthetic appearance as much as possible, as well as to improve the functions of the hand. The hand works even if it is a small organ. The hand has a solution to every problem. As time passes and with the effect of the sun, the thick blue veins on the hand become evident, the hands begin to look weak and melted, and brown spots appear on them. Nowadays, it is possible to prevent aging of your hand with design technology.
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