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The extraction method with the FUE-Technique
The extraction technique is one of the most essential and decisive criteria for a hair transplant: It is not the most important to take as many grafts as possible; the decisive factor is the quality of the hair roots to achieve a high growth rate.

FUE Technique

The FUE method has been used internationally for several years and is the most advanced hair transplantation method. This popular method does not use a strip of hair – as with the FUT technique, but only involves taking a follicular unit, called a graft. A graft may contain 1-4 hair strands.

When the FUE extraction technique is used, the punch needle’s size is crucial to limit the harm caused to the donor area. The finer the punch needle is, the less skin damage is caused to the donor area, and the less visible the removal sites are later.

Motorized Hair Extraction (Micromotor-Extraction)
Hair Transplant Fue Technique Micromotor

Our selected team uses a micromotor for hair removal. With motorized extraction, up to 4000 grafts can be taken per treatment.

Improper use of the micromotor can also cause damage. However, every patient receives a preliminary examination during which the size and the diameter of the hollow needle are determined. The hollow needle must always be set correctly for each patient. The micromotor is only used by an experienced specialist who has studied in this field.

The micromotor can even provide an advantage over the manual technique since the applied pressure is always constant. With manual extraction and several thousand incisions, the pressure coming from the wrist may likely be somewhat stronger or a little weaker.

As each patient receives a 25-year guarantee on the transplanted hair, it is important for our team that a decent growth rate is achieved through the correct use of the micromotor and the patient’s treatment is performed gently and professionally. Furthermore, the extracted grafts are tested and examined by a lab technician. Only the healthy grafts are used – Any damaged or stunted Grafts will be discarded and not counted

Manual Hair extraction (Hollow needle (manual) and pen extraction)
Hair Transplant Fue and dhi Technique

Manual hair removal is also applied, but the risk of side effects (such as the destruction of the extracted grafts and the neighboring grafts) is much higher.

With this method, only a maximum withdrawal of 1,500 grafts (per session) is possible. The procedure takes longer, and a large hair transplantation team is required. You may also need a more extended stay of 4-5 days. It is better to choose the motorized removal, and the micromotor must be used as slowly as possible during the extraction. In doing so, this treatment for transplanting the grafts is harmless. Please contact us before your arrival and talk to our highly qualified doctors in the preliminary examination.

All techniques are being used in our clinic.

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