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Face Lift

Facelift (ritidectomy) is a method used to remove facial wrinkles and sagging by stretching and hanging. Facelift (ritidectomy) is a method used to remove facial wrinkles and sagging by stretching and hanging. In recent years, all processes related to facial aging have begun to be referred to as facial rejuvenation. As people get older, wrinkles, various spots and irregularities occur on the face skin due to years, daily stresses, sun rays and other factors (malnutrition, smoking, drinking). One percent; In case of eyebrow drooping, drooping eyelids, prominent forehead lines, deep lines in the mouth-nose area, bagging and lines under the eyes, loss of the chin contour, sagging cheeks, skin curtains, the neck has an oily appearance, the face has an aged appearance. The skin lost its vitality, sunspots and other moles appeared, wrinkled and thinned. Face lift surgery, which is one of the Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery operations, eliminates the irregularities and sagging of the face and neck. Excess fat tissue on cheeks and neck is removed. Facial fascia and adipose tissues are fixed by pulling them to their anatomical places. The necessary facial tissues are strengthened and other complementary interventions can be performed.
What is the age restriction in face lift surgeries?
Ideal people to perform facelift surgery are those who have sagging face and neck skin, but still have not lost the elasticity of their skin and have no other health problems.
Generally, this surgery is performed on men or women over the age of 40. Due to structural or genetic reasons, this type of surgery can be performed at an earlier age, fully or limitedly.

Technique of facelift surgery
Facelift surgery is not scarless. However, these traces are not obvious because they are hidden. The marks are hidden in front of the ear, in the temple area and behind the scalp.
If facelift surgery is performed under the chin area, approximately 3-5 mm of scars remain under the chin, and if eyelid and forehead lift are added, additional scars remain on the eyelids and forehead.
However, postoperative scars are mostly unclear and hidden. Additional procedures (nose, eyelid, etc.) can be performed in the same session. The duration of the operation can vary between 4-6 hours on average.
Healing Process in Face Lift Surgery
It is possible to go home after facelift surgery, but it is generally appropriate to stay in the hospital for 1 night. There may be a general swelling, discoloration, tightness and numbness on the face.
Facial nerves may be affected by anesthesia during surgery. Due to this effect, there may be slight asymmetries on the face. These will spontaneously disappear within 3-5 days.
Thumb bandage is applied with the nose, eyes and mouth open. Silicone pipes called resistance can be placed in order to prevent blood accumulation in the tissue.
Resistances are drawn within 2 days at the latest. The dressing is opened completely after 2-3 days. General examination and dressing changes are made. Hair can be washed during this period. If the stitches are not dissolvable, they are removed 5-7 days later. Rarely, second corrections may be required.
From the 2nd day after the operation, the patient can stand up and do his job at home. After about a week, the patient can return to work and make-up after the swelling has passed.
The patient should avoid heavy exercise and excessive sunlight for 2 months. It is also recommended to protect the patient from external influences. The shape given to the face and neck skin with surgery sometimes takes 5-10 years and sometimes a lifetime, depending on the nature of the person or environmental conditions.
After the third week, the new shape given to the face becomes more pronounced. It takes its final form after about 6 months-1 year after the operation.

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