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Betis – Atlético: forecast and rate. “Mattress covers” will fall on the bottom

Stadium: “Benito Villamarine”.
Judge: Cuadra Fernandez Guillermo.


Betis: Guardado, Iglesias, Camarasa, Martin, Ruiz (all – injury).
Atlético: Dembele (injury)., Condogbia, Llorente, Suarez (all – suspended).

Team form

Atlético making history. For another month, “mattress makers” were confidently leading in La Liga. They were ten points ahead of “Real” and “Barcelona” and confidently went to the championship.

What happened next is not clear, but there was a recession. In a month, the red and white flew out of the Champions League and the Spanish Cup and swam. In the last round, “mattress” lost to “Sevilla” (0: 1) and turned the championship race into fiction.

Barcelona and Real have reduced the gap from mattress to one and three points. It’s a nightmare for Atlético. To take the trophy, “mattresses” need to win in all the remaining rounds. And there are games with Barcelona and Real Sociedad. It seems that this is already unreal. In a month, Atlético put down everything it had been building for six months.

Have “Betis” the situation is similar. In the last round, Manuel Pellegrini’s team lost points to Elche (1: 1) and missed the chance to jump into fifth place.

Now three teams have an equal number of points at once – 46 each. These are Real Sociedad, Betis and Villarreal. Between themselves, they will compete for two tickets to European cups.

Betis looks like an outsider in this fight. In the last round, Manuel Pellegrini’s team lost the main sniper. Borja Iglesias fails Elche’s duty ball and is injured.

It sounded like a verdict for the Betikos. After the Spaniard left, they did not create a single dangerous moment.

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Outcome bet

Bookmakers give preference to guests. Atlético’s victory goes for 2.40, draw – for 3.12, the success of “Betis” – for 3.44. Note that the “mattress” won four of the last five head-to-head matches, including the fight in the first round. Once stronger were “Betikos”.

Therefore, in the upcoming game, it is interesting to bet 1X for 1.62. Everything is simple here.

First, Betis have four wins in their last five games at home. Manuel Pellegrini’s side have just 4 losses in 13 games at Benito Villamarine.

Secondly, Atlético has significantly lost. “Mattress” have only three wins in ten matches. Even Luis Suarez is powerless. The Uruguayan has just three goals in ten meetings. He is currently serving a disqualification.

Without it, there is no one to carry the “mattress mats”. The best assistant in La Liga, Marcos Llorente, also disqualified. João Felix just recovered from injury.

Therefore, taking points away from Atlético is a feasible task for Betis.

Handicap bet

Betis’s zero handicap goes for 2.36, Atletico – for 1.66. However, in the upcoming meeting, it is better to pass by the bets on this event.

Interesting rate H1 (+1.0), but it comes with a ridiculous rate – only 1.26. It’s too small even for an express train. Therefore, it is better to pass by the rates on this event.

Total bet

Bookmakers are convinced that the game will be grassroots. Total goes less for 1.64, more – for 2.40. Note that four of the last five matches with the participation of Atlético and Betis were grassroots.

Therefore, in the upcoming game, it is interesting to bet TM (2.5) for 1.64. For various reasons, both teams lost their main snipers, but did not find a replacement for them. This was shown by the last meetings of the clubs in La Liga.

Therefore, the TM rate (2.5) for 1.64 looks like the best option in the upcoming meeting.

Bet on the match Betis – Atlético

I will assume that the hosts will not lose, and the teams will score no more than three goals. This is the most logical bet in the upcoming meeting. For various reasons, both clubs lost their main snipers. Loss looks more tangible for guests.

Therefore, clinging to the glasses is more than a feasible task for Betis.

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